At DASH we believe that domestic violence is a community that can only be addressed when the whole community is involved. We are so thankful to the community of organizations, individuals and companies that support the DASH mission.

Community Partners
 Ad 2 DC

DASH was chosen as the 2014/15 Public Service Award for Ad 2 DC’s Public Service Initiative. The focus of the Ad 2 DC partnership is raising awareness about domestic violence in general, and DASH services specifically.


CREW DC is a networking association for women in real estate and development. CREW volunteers with DASH on a regular basis, helping us ensure that DASH is a safe welcoming place for residents.

The Red Derby

The Red Derby hosts up to 4 seasonal drives for DASH residents including Back to School, Thanksgiving, Halloween and Holiday Drives. The Red Derby is a huge support for DASH in the community. Additionally, the DASH Kids Art Group was founded by two Derby Employees.

Rotary Club of Capitol Hill 

DASH is so thankful to The Rotary Club of Capitol Hill. Not only do they engage in quarterly drives to collect funds and items for residents, they also attend DASH events and host domestic violence trainings.