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Survivor Stories

Meet Jordan

“Jordan” has been on an amazing transformative journey. They faced many barriers including their mental health and trauma from violence before being connected to our Right to Dream program for young survivors.

“DASH’s Coaching style and support provided me with the resources to not let past trauma define me.”

With little to no support from their family or friends, Jordan traveled to DC to begin their journey with DASH. Jordan has flourished into a self-motivated, ambitious, kind, and resilient young person. It was difficult for them to effectively communicate, trust anyone, or work on their goals.

Today, Jordan is balancing school, work, and focusing on transforming their life.

Meet Sierra

All Sierra wanted was to get away from her abuser, so she wouldn’t have to spend another night in violence and fear.  

But the lease was in his name, and because she has a disability, Sierra knew there were very few options for emergency housing that could accommodate her securely. 

 So, she stayed. But not for long.

“I had no way of knowing how I was going to be able to even pay a security deposit on a new place, But thanks to DASH I was able to find a safe home where I can live my life violence-free and on my own terms.” – Sierra 

In her search for a safe haven, Sierra found DASH and took the first steps towards long-term safety and self-empowerment. 

Meet Letithia

Letitia* was one of the first youth survivors to be welcomed into our newly launched Right to Dream program in August 2020.

Prior to entering the program, she was homeless and found herself couch surfing, staying with friends/family, and when she could afford it, hotel stays. Letitia often faced unsafe situations. Despite her housing circumstances, her resilience allowed her to continue working her full-time job.

When she was welcomed into the Right to Dream program, she had a smooth transition into her new private home. Having her own safe space, means she can focus on her overall well-being and no longer deal with toxic individuals from her past.

Letithia is continuing to work on her goals and prioritizing her mental health. She hopes that the remaining time in the program will help her heal from the trauma she has endured.

With stable housing, Letitia has thrived in her new environment and transitioned into new employment, and actively working on her goals.

Meet Janice

Janice* is a single mother of two children who entered DASH’s Cornerstone program. 

During her two year stay at Cornerstone, Janice worked with her DASH advocate on her education and employment goals. Janice successfully completed a job training program and started a new career with an income in the mid-$40,000 salary range.

Cornerstone allowed Janice the time to heal with her children and reimagine a new life for her and her family, and to building savings. These savings allowed her to connect to the first-time home buyers program with her DASH advocate’s support.

She continued to save and soon received the great news that she was approved for her new home while at Cornerstone.

As Janice was preparing to move into her new home, DASH provided support for moving costs and supplies for her new home. She and her two children transitioned out of Cornerstone directly into their newly purchased home in the District.  

*Names have been changed to protect confidentiality and safety.

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