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Spotlight on Our Supporters: MOI

DASH is grateful for its network of supporters, and will be featuring interviews with those companies, foundations and businesses. Today, the spotlight is on MOI, a full service furniture dealership, and an interview with Jennifer Ives.

1. How did MOI first find out about DASH and how did you decide to become such a strong corporate partner?

We first learned about DASH from a previous team member, Carolyn Franco. Carolyn and I discussed doing an Art show to raise funds for DASH and to show off our industry artistic talents. MOI has always been involved in the community. This year we are moving to a more structured Corporate Social Responsibility.

2. What has it been like working with DASH so far?

It’s been wonderful. MOI and DASH have built a strong relationship. The passion that the team at DASH have for the mission has driven engagement from MOI’s team – the grass roots enthusiasm has been shown through the gifts and donations we were able to collect during the holidays.

3. Does MOI have a history of other community partnerships?

Yes, through both financial and in-kind donations.  We also have a history of employees donating their time and effort through collective ventures like the Real Estate game for JDRF and Habitat for Humanity.  We frequently team our efforts with manufacturing partners for donations.

4. What were some of the values you wanted to bring from your company in this partnership?

MOI’s core values expressed with our mission statement; Agility, Accountability, Growth, Excellence, and Commitment. We believe DASH supports and drives these for their clients, making it a natural partnership.

5. What would you like DASH residents to experience when they come to stay?

We would like the new DASH residents to feel safety, peace of mind and hope for the future.
6. What would you hope other businesses and corporations would do to invest in safe housing for the District?
MOI hopes for awareness followed by action.
7. What are you looking forward to in your relationship with DASH coming up?

We are looking forward to building awareness and support for the cause of safe housing and safe lives. We are also looking forward to increased exposure for MOI through this partnership.

Thank you so much, MOI! DASH appreciates you!

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