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What It Takes DC Campaign Launch

The District Alliance for Safe Housing (DASH) and Ad 2 DC have launched a campaign to build awareness for what it takes to find safety from domestic violence.

The campaign kicks off with a compelling short video PSA on www.WhatItTakesDC.com. It was featured locally in DC media on Clear Channel/iHeartRadio, ABC7/WJLA, and the Arlington Sun Gazette, among others.

“Many people think those in a domestic violence situation have an easy way out,” DASH Executive Director Peg Hacskaylo said. “But the reality is, victims are forced to overcome a host of obstacles and barriers in order to get safe from abuse.”

While finding access to safe housing options is often essential, DASH emphasizes that it is not the only factor preventing protection and security.  Through this campaign DASH shows that survivors may need to overcome a list of obstacles.

These include, but are not limited to, enlisting law enforcement for restraining or protective orders, receiving support from family and friends, and compiling key documents and changing phone numbers. These steps are often necessary and are made to be even more difficult when they must be done with extra caution.

Besides the tangible resources required, there are also significant emotional factors to be considered.

“Psychological abuse is common in domestic violence relationships – abusers use threats and intimidation to maintain control over their partner,” Hacskaylo said. “For this reason, it takes a tremendous amount of courage to find safety from abuse.”

To find out more about how you can get involved, visit www.WhatItTakesDC.com.  Spread the word to help spread awareness by using #WhatItTakesDC.

About DASH:

Every 16 minutes, someone in the DC area calls 911 for a domestic violence-related incident. DASH provides key resources including safe housing and services for survivors of domestic violence. From emergency and long-term housing to support and expert advice about available options, DASH helps survivors rebuild their lives on their own terms.

DASH is an innovator in providing access to safe housing and services to survivors of domestic and sexual violence and their families as they rebuild their lives on their own terms. www.dashdc.org

About Ad 2 DC:

Ad 2 DC represents a group of like-minded young professionals in the D.C. Metro area, 32 years old and younger, either employed or interested in the world of advertising and its related fields – account executives, graphics designers, media specialists, PR professionals, writers – creating a diverse organization focused on being awesome, becoming more awesome, getting noticed and giving back to the community. www.dcadclub.com/ad2dc


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